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Your credit report is a detailed listing of how you handle your financial responsibilities over time. Creating good credit habits from the beginning can help lenders view you as a low-risk borrower. Consider the following 6 action to creating and maintaining a positive credit standing:

1. Pay Your Bills On Time. Your payment history is a reflection of how well you are likely to manage future credit. Consistently paying your bills on time places you in a more positive light.



2. Establish a Budget. Learning to live within your means is an important step in managing your credit usage. Only charging what you can afford and can pay back on time is key.



3. Regularly Review Your Credit Report. Understanding What’s included in your credit report helps ensure there won’t be surprises when you apply for new lines of credit. Your credit report will contain details about current and past accounts, personal identifying information, and a list of those who have requested your report (called inquiries). Your report may also include debt-related public records.


Excellent Credit Score

4. Dispute Any Credit Report Errors. If you find an error on your credit report, contact the company directly and file a dispute with the credit bureau by following the instructions provided on your report or on their website. Errors on your credit report can hurt your credit scores, depending on the information.



5. Keep Debt Under Control. If you find yourself facing credit challenges, put a hold on spending until your finances are under control. You can also contact your lenders, who may be willing to work with you to set up a different payment schedule or lower the loan’s interest rate.



6. Protect Yourself Against Fraud. Fraud can happen in a variety of ways—from high-tech hacking to low-tech dumpster diving. Keep your information in a secure place. Never leave your credit cards, receipts or statements with personal information out in the open. Shred outdated information.

Building good credit habits requires work, but is always worth it. Good credit scores can play an important role in your financial well-being. For more information or questions about this topic or to get started on having great credit contact Houston Credit Coach (281) 888-8457 or info@houstoncreditcoach.com where are slogan says it all “Saving money, is how we help.”


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